INNOVATIONWe don’t follow
the syllabus

Edtech is here to stay. Digital learning ecosystems are the new normal. It is a sector where new pathways and possibilities are taking shape every day. As an industry leader, we never settle for the status quo. We constantly rethink our products and improve our processes based on the dynamic needs of students, professionals and universities all over the world.

As an industry leader,
we never settle for the status quo

Pivoting to Senior Executive
Programs (SEPOs)

The pandemic demanded leaders across organizations to rise to the challenge and navigate through a crisis period. We saw this as an opportunity to create a new vertical – Senior Executive Programs (SEPOs) that enable CXOs to excel in their impactful positions.

Building a robust Learner
Management System

The success of our Learner Management System (LMS) is in its invisibility. Right from enrolment, the experience of the learner is made seamless and intuitive. Through our LMS, we are also allowing universities to fully leverage the digital technology to attract learners from all over the world.

Regionalizing our global
product line

We believe that language and regional differences should not restrict the reach of education, but expand it. When we started our operations in Latin America, we quickly realized the need for translating programs into Spanish and Portuguese. Working with tutors and consultants, we have now made it possible for someone to learn from a UK university without needing to master english. Similarly, when we launched programs in partnership with Indian universities, we knew that a one-size-fits-all approach will not work. We did extensive market research and customized the packaging and pricing of our programs.

Learning with
mini-certification programs

In today’s world, information overload can be an impediment to productively achieving one’s learning goals. While in-depth programs have their merits, we are confident about the necessity of shorter, 2-week programs. We now have 2-week online certification programs with modules from Kellogg and MIT xPRO.

Launched a microlearning

To keep up with the need for upskilling and continuous learning, we built Emeritus Insights. With the idea of taking forward our ethos of making high quality education accessible, Emeritus Insights offers bite-sized learning from the world’s best. The platform allows learners to build 50+ in-demand skills from 5000+ bite-sized video lessons from business best-sellers, subject matter experts and Harvard Business Review.