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Olivia’s learning journey

Olivia Bannerman is passionate about the intersection of AR/VR technologies and healthcare. With the NYU Tandon Professional Certificate in UX Design for AR/VR course, Olivia now has a deep understanding of how UX Design translates into a virtual reality environment. READ MORE

Matt’s learning journey

As the Chief Product Officer (CPO) of a tech company, Matt Elliot wanted to fill the gaps in his knowledge about MERN stack (open-source technology). With the Professional Certificate in Coding by MIT xPRO, Matt was able to fit his learning goals into a busy schedule. READ MORE

Younass’ learning journey

Younass Idrissi wanted to develop and enhance his skills in medical sales. His senior manager recommended the  Mastering Sales Program by Northwestern Kellogg University. Across each module, Younass was equipped with ideas and essential tools to transform his career. READ MORE

Ailed’s learning journey

For Ailed Ruiz, shifting from merchandising and
e-commerce to digital marketing pathways was a challenge. That is, until she found Emeritus. She successfully pivoted to digital with the Mastering Digital Marketing course offered by the London Business School. READ MORE

Mohamed’s learning journey

Mohamed Benmansour is the founder of several
e-commerce and big data startups. He freed up time last year to earn the Certificate of Business Excellence (COBE) credential offered by UC Berkeley Executive Education. His primary motivation was to challenge the knowledge he had gained through his entrepreneurship career. READ MORE

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