Democratising Education

Education as a sector has always been up for debate in terms of accessibility, quality and overall outcome. Education is considered the path-way to freeing a person from their hardships by using their skills to better their life. 

With the combination of technology, structure and AI, the education system is witnessing a revolutionary change as the scope widens for education.

With EdTechs on the rise, education is seeing a drastic shift that is being deemed as positive. EdTech is now being seen as the next best endeavor and here is why –

Easier Access

As education is moving to the digital platform, access to a wide variety of courses is now becoming available to people all over. Location and language that were earlier considered barriers are now being broken. Ease of access to education helps people improve their qualifications and polish their education to improve their life.


In old-style classrooms, theory and understanding of concepts were very one-tracked. It was hours of lectures by the professor without any breaks. With the onset of e-education, classes and courses have changed and adapted to meet the requirements of this digitisation. Gamification of education uses techniques like quizzes and interactive methods to make the course more enjoyable and engaging for the learner, thus making the absorption of information fun.

Reduced Length

Once again, looking back at our college lectures, time spent on 1 lecture would be about 2 hours on one topic. These lengthy hours, not only became dragged and exhausting, but after a certain point, absorption of information also paused. With EdTech, the lectures within the course have short time frames. Each course is broken down into videos, each being about 6 minutes long. This is an advantage as it helps the learner stay attentive and grasp the information as well as keeps them engaged throughout the lecture.

“Gamification of education uses techniques like quizzes and interactive methods to make the course more enjoyable and engaging for the learner."

Quality Education

With education becoming easily accessible to people, courses from renowned institutions that earlier were open to only a few privileged sections of people have changed their course. By digitalising their courses, barriers of cost and location have been broken and good quality education from top universities is now open to everyone. 

Access to the Experts

Along with access to courses from top institutions, EdTech provides access to learning courses from individuals who are experts in the field. This not only improves the quality of education but helps the learner gain knowledge from a person who has years of experience in the field.


EdTech has revolutionised education because of the benefits it provides. One of the major ones being: the customisation of the course. With online learning, there is an increase in interaction between the learner and teacher, this helps in creating a plan and moving according to the pace the learner is comfortable with. Digitalisation has also led to customisation of the entire course as per the individual’s needs and levels they are on.

The EdTech industry is just beginning to witness massive growth and bring equality to the sector of education. As technology continues to develop and improve, the EdTech industry also moves parallelly and keeps up with the pace to provide easy and good quality education.