Together we rise. Together we grow. Together we create an impact.

At Emeritus, we build an environment of trust, collaboration and teamwork. We are one big family. If any one of us is facing a challenge, the Emeritian family will always be there to help and support our members. Help is given not just by fellow team members and colleagues but it is also given by the leadership.

Challenges are inevitable. Emeritus’ unique policy of “Servant Leadership” helps employees seek assistance and collaboration from senior leaders. The leadership is always there to help brainstorm an idea or solution when challenges arise, so that reaching the solution never seems daunting or impossible.

“I have always had the strength and determination to face challenges head on, because I have had the confidence that my team and the larger organization will support me and will have my back”
– Arjun Mathur, Associate Director, SEPOs, India.

We are one big family, collaboration is at the core of our being. With various teams continuously working together we have built a family and a strong support system to overcome any challenges.

“At Emeritus, one will always get support. If there is additional work and tight timelines, people jump in to help you and take care of you.”
– Elaine Sequeira, Senior Manager, Design, India.

At Emeritus, all teams collaborate and work continuously towards the same mission of bringing world-class education to people across the world. With this common goal, we find ourselves continuously working with one another and helping each other solve problems. We believe that a single person when working alone can go a long way, but when a person works with a group they can bring change and leave an impact.

“At Emeritus, everybody is ready to carry the work forward and lend a helping hand, or they are more than willing to hold the door open for the next person. It is all about facilitating people when needed and cheering people on when they achieve a huge milestone or accomplishment.”
– Frank Cruthers, Regional Director, Enterprise, New York.

The field of EdTech is new and growing at a fast pace. When entering this domain, it is bound to look and feel unfamiliar and intimidating. Here at Emeritus, right from onboarding, to meeting the teams and senior leaders, every step of the way, we ensure that the feeling of being a part of our growing family is constant.

“From the moment you join Emeritus, you can be certain of one thing - your team will ensure that you are not left alone to figure everything out.”
– Gabriel Lee, Senior Director & Global Data Protection Officer, Singapore.

We are a global company. Our people are scattered across multiple cities across the world, yet somehow from the comfort of our home-offices, couches, office desks and more, we have built a family that is collaborative, compassionate and understanding. For our teams, distance is just a number and a single video call can close that gap between us.

“I work with Indian teams and other teams globally. Even though we are working from home, I never feel that distance. I feel very supported. I have excellent co-workers who respect and support each other.”
– Esther Osorio Soto, Assistant Product Manager, LATAM Business, Mexico City.

Our impact and our legacy is written not by a single member of Emeritus, instead it is the collective power, efforts, determination, collaboration and team-spirit of thousands of Emeritians that helps us leave our mark on the world.