Why Emeritus stands out

Every company wants to appeal to their employees and to the masses that they are different from their competitors. Standing out is crucial to attracting the right kinds of people, but the power of the word is just not enough. It is through action and implementation that a person can vouch for a company standing out from others.

Emeritus is an EdTech company that does things differently, not because it is the way everyone is doing it, but because it is a part of their belief. Employees from Emeritus stand by their claims when they say they are different, but that’s because legends do it differently. To achieve the agenda of creating impact, what better way to do it than be different as a team itself.

Openness to talk about mental health

Mental health is sometimes a tricky topic to approach especially in the workplace where there is a constant deadline for different tasks. 

At Emeritus, that is not the case, group meetings start with discussing mental health and how we could take care of ourselves, especially in light of the pandemic, recollects Amy Trietiak. 

Emeritus creates a safe space to share your troubles or mental health concerns with your managers. They not only reassure you but cheer you on as well.


Our Leadership is concerned about us

It is very rare to find a company whose leaders and managers are concerned about the health and well being of their employees. In meetings at times, our leaders remind us to take breaks and log off at a reasonable hour. According to our leaders, it is important to take care of ourselves because a healthy team can help the company grow.

“Emeritus creates a safe space to share your troubles or mental health concerns with your managers."

Cares about work-life balance

It can be nerve-wracking when the work seems overwhelming and almost impossible to do. Since work from home is now the new normal, logging in and logging out is crucial to measuring an employee’s contribution and involvement in the company. While this is true, Emeritus stresses the importance of maintaining a work-life balance. They encourage us to take breaks as and when required and step in to share the workload when things get piled up. Not only this, they always ensure that if any personal matters arise, we attend to them instead of trying to juggle both work and personal matters.



Transparency from founders

Communication is key for any company to function smoothly. Emeritus is one step ahead. Not only do we have an easy flow of communication between our team members as well as members of teams from other countries, but our communication with our founders is also transparent. Our Founders, Ashwin and Chaitanya both are very open. Every quarterly meeting not only do they brief us on the company’s position at the moment, but they also share ideas and create a space for us to openly ask questions and receive answers immediately, says Traci Roth.

Create lasting bonds with universities

When we converse and try to onboard universities, it is crucial to create a healthy and friendly rapport with the faculty and administration. As we move through the process of onboarding them, not only do we interact we also form bonds and friendships that are different from work connections. Such interactions help grow our outreach both as a company as well as individuals.

Work with top institutions

What sets apart Emeritus from every other edTech company is the fact that as a company they connect with top institutions and universities to provide quality education from experts and make it available to everyone across the globe. Working with top institutions ensures that they are able to create a meaningful and lasting impact on the careers of the learners.

Emeritus is one of a kind with its approach to education, accessibility and onboarding of learners onto the platform. A team of very passionate individuals from different countries come together to better the future of education and create an impact.