Emeritus’ legacy of impact

To work and be a part of Emeritus means to be passionate about change, to be obsessed with helping others better themselves through their careers and to build a legacy of meaningful impact.

So what exactly is our legacy? What is it that thousands of Emeritians want to achieve?

It is simple. We want to level the playing field in the domain of education. Not everyone is privileged enough to get access to the best universities in the world, and for some, a chance to boost their career and climb the corporate ladder is not even a dream. But with Emeritus, our people and platform provide courses that will create a significant impact on our learners’ lives.

“Emeritus has a mission to create easy access to education from top universities for people across the globe.”“Emeritus has a mission to create easy access to education from top universities for people across the globe.”
– Adriana Gaviria Duque, Regional Director, University Partnerships, New York.

There is a large population of people that is unable to get access to top educational courses due to the distance, geography and location. Emeritus’ platform is here to bridge the gap and help people have the best relationship with their education and help them grow as individuals. Personal and professional growth is now at the fingertips.

“Did we think a year ago someone from Jabalpur can take up a course from MIT? No, but now that is possible. This is the power of the Emeritus platform.”
– Karan Bhatia, Senior Associate Director, Online Certifications, India.

A dream can only become reality when access is available and affordable. We recognise this disparity and unavailability of access to good education. We have built the perfect platform for people to get access to top-universities and upskill, all while ensuring it is affordable.

“These schools are dream schools for many people but since many don’t realise their dream of going to these schools, we bring these courses to learners anywhere in the world.”
– Neha Sharma, Senior Associate Director, Brand & Communications, India.

While it is common knowledge that education is a basic right of the people, does everyone experience this equality? The Emeritus platform is unique and our teams take time to understand the client’s background and needs. Our empathetic nature helps us relate to the potential learner, understand their struggles and help them choose the right course to better their career and future. This helps ensure everyone gets a chance to upskill and climb the ladder of success. 

“Many of our clients are immigrants in a new country and our courses are a fundamental reason for their growth. To be part of their success story has been unbelievably inspiring.”
– Dave Poritzky, Director, SEPOs, New York.

Is impact just the number of people who enrolled in our courses? Or is it the tangible results we can witness when we see the effectiveness of courses and the impact they have on the lives of the learners?
Our aim is to bring education from top universities to people from across the globe. It is only when we see people moving up the career ladder and receiving their dream job, do we know that we have been able to leave an impact.

“We do an Impact Survey globally. For the India region, 93% of professionals got new opportunities at work after taking up our courses and 98% saw career growth in just a matter of 12 months.”
– Kshitij Jain, Director, Marketing, India.

The impact Emeritus is leaving behind is – a legacy of creating opportunities, recognising hopes and dreams and opening doors of possibilities to get a chance to change the trajectory of one’s life through education and upskilling. It is the starting point for people to witness what it means to grow professionally and impact their families and communities for the better.