Accountability at Emeritus

What makes Emeritus such a great place to work is its freedom to work on tasks, projects and ideas that are your own. We get to experiment and think out-of-the-box solutions all while our team members support, encourage and assist us while senior leaders cheer us on and also help if the need arises.

A big factor for having the freedom to work on our own idea is taking ownership of the entire task and ensuring that we see the process from start to finish.

At Emeritus, we value every thought, idea and opinion. We believe that everyone has something unique to offer and a new perspective to bring to the table. Having so many minds thinking of solutions, ideas and possibilities means that we are always innovating and thinking of new ways to do better. There is no single person driving the solution, it is everyone combining their ideas to come up with the most reliable solution.

“I got the opportunity to be involved in the key decision-making process. You don’t feel like an extra in a movie, but the director.”
– Rohit Jadhav, Senior Manager, Performance Marketing, India

At Emeritus, we always work with the best. Working with the best means finding people who share our passions and aspirations. It also means hiring the right kind of talent. We pride ourselves in our A+ hiring strategy. With multiple interview and assessment rounds, we ensure that the people we hire are always helping Emeritus to grow and thrive and leave a legacy of lasting impact.

“Last year, I was moved to bootcamps and was in charge of everything.”
– Raylon Pinto, Manager, Bootcamps, India

While ideation and brainstorming are part of the process, implementation and experimentation help understand the pros and cons of the process. At Emeritus, we believe that without trying, knowing the success rate of a task is impossible. We are constantly getting our hands dirty and trying to find the best possible ways to ensure our courses, tasks and projects are of the best quality. While getting our hands dirty is part of the job, a series of back and forth of ideas always takes place, and our nature to learn from failure is what makes us rise above our mistakes and helps us bring to our people the best courses and processes.

“The culture of Emeritus is the willingness to engage, to trial & error. As long as we can all take accountability and keep moving forward.”
– Dave Portizky, Director, SEPOs, New York

While trial and error is a natural and common process, we believe in aiming higher and achieving tasks that are big and that will leave a long-lasting impact. To be able to reach these standards, it is important that every person involved looks at the bigger picture and moves in that direction.

“There is a lot of independence and autonomy we have when it comes to projects and taking on tasks.”
– Sayuri Altamirano, Manager, Human Resources, Mexico City

Accountability and ownership are important factors that ensure team Emeritus moves forward smoothly. Emeritus aims to leave behind a legacy of bringing courses from top universities to people across the globe, this endeavor requires focus, determination and teamwork along with ownership.

“We are working towards solving society's most pressing problem. It takes ownership and an agile mindset to achieve that.”
– Pooja Jayaram, Senior Vice President, University Partnerships, Singapore

Accountability and ownership are two important pillars of Emeritus that ensure things are running smoothly and people experience the freedom and autonomy to express their thoughts and ideas. We at Emeritus, love looking at things in a new angle and are always looking at ways in which we can improve and do things differently. We support our Emeritians but in return ask for ownership and responsibility over the project.